Puzzle Pieces


Living With Autism and Other Related Disorders

Figuring It Out;

One Piece At A Time

As I have mentioned before, Little Man has been evaluated by the Tulane Center for Autism and Related Disorders in New Orleans, LA. When he was there, he was given a list of tests, one of which was the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. The test is an individually administered intelligence test that was revised from the original Binet-Simon Scale. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale is now in its Fifth Edition. It is a cognitive ability and intelligence test that is used to diagnosis developmental or cognitive deficiencies in young children. The test measures five weighted factors and consists of both verbal and nonverbal subtests. The five factors being tested are knowledge, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial processing, working memory, and fluid reasoning. After the test, the results revealed that he has a verbal IQ of 67, while his non-verbal IQ was 105. Clinically and statically, this was an abnormality…

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