Did James Franco Just Grab His Peen On Instagram?! See The Naughty Pics HERE! – See more at: http://perezhilton.com/2013-12-11-james-franco-sexy-happy-trail-deleted-pic-mystery-unraveled-instagram#.UqjkXHi9Kc0

Well, helllllllo nurse! A super seXXXay pic of James Franco crunching his junk is ALLEGEDLY floating around the internetz right now, but the world is having trouble verifying its authenticity because he apparently quickly deleted it! According to the internet — and the internet never lies, right? — the 127 Hours star posted a ridiculously risqué pic on Instagram earlier showing his happy trail, a totally sex-ay tuft of public hair, and the veins of what appeared to be his forearm, which appears to be positioned in such a way that he might have very well been holding a handful of his own manhood! Whoa!!! AMAZEBALLZ! AMAZEPEEN! Between making out with a naked Seth Rogen in his Kanye West parody and deep throating a handgun in Spring Breakers, there’s honestly little the 35-year-old actor could do to at this point to surprise us! Still, for all we know this could be photoshopped! We compiled all of the evidence & want U to decide for yourself…AFTER THE JUMP!!! It certainly looks like him, but we’ve seen James do stuff far more scandalous — why would he delete it? Maybe there are clues in his belly button! They say no two belly buttons are alike! Arghh! We just don’t know! Where’s S&M Batman, the world’s most sexy detective, when we need him? LOLz! Vote (below) and tell us what U think!!!! – See more at: http://perezhilton.com/2013-12-11-james-franco-sexy-happy-trail-deleted-pic-mystery-unraveled-instagram#.UqjkXHi9Kc0


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