Niall Horan Takes To Twitter To Share A Promise With Fans, But If You’re A Directioner, His Words Might Actually Confuse You

Even though One Direction has been on a hiatus since the new year,Niall Horan insists they’ll be back to work very, very soon.


…were we supposed to be worried??!

Perhaps Niall is just reassuring fans they won’t be pulling a move likeThe Wanted and announce a farewell tour.

The cutie tweeted:


Aww! Thanks, Niall!

He HAS always been the sweetheart of the band, hasn’t he?! LOLz!

But even if the quintet of hunks have been investing in some well deserved rest and relaxation, they still can’t help but fit in a little bit of work with their play.

Nial also tweeted:


New music already??! We’re still jonesing for Midnight Memories — not that we’re complaining! HA!

Oh, how 1D spoils us!!!Image


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