Strength, Courage and Wisdom




The opposite of courage is not cowardice but is conformity. Courage is the ability to look, with an unbreakable resolve, on the other side of fear and project there an image of ourselves in our totality, listening to our own voice and honouring our own journey. We go through life hearing a lot of ‘no’s’: no, don’t play with that; no, don’t touch that fire; no, don’t look at it that way; no, no no! There’s a certain place of deprivation that manifests as a result of those ‘no’s’. That place nurtures fear, conformity and timidity.

Courage is the will to find a place of ‘yes’! Courage is the ability to honour, when all seems to be moving to currents of certain conformity, your own voice even when it promises no particular destination. It is from trust and faith in your own makings and designs that a strong voice emerges…

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