Awful adults (and Saving Mr Banks)



I saw a movie this morning that gave me terrible flashbacks. It was about a creative prima donna. There have been WAY too many of those in my life.

I am so over people who think their “genius” means they can act however they like and should be coddled for it. You know the types: they get so seduced by their own fairytale that they start to believe they’re entitled to be rude and unpleasant to those who work with them.

The magazine industry seems to breed them like rabbits.

The movie I saw was Saving Mr Banks. It’s about the author of Mary Poppins, P L Travers, and her horror over how Walt Disney wants to portray her heroine in the movie adaptation.

Mental Floss writes: “It took Disney—Walt himself, not a bunch of execs with money-stuffed briefcases—16 years of wheedling, convincing, and coaxing before author P.L. Travers…

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