LiLo Forces Entire Canyons Crew To Disrobe For Her Sex Scene!

LiLo The Canyons Nine Inch Peen

Coming from anyone else, this news might have been surprising!

When you’re filming a movie with pornstar James Deen and his nine inch peen of ill-repute, there’s a good chance you will be asked to put your goods on display… but Lindsay Lohan never got the memo!

She was supposed to take her tittays out while shooting a scandalous sex scene on The Canyons last week but our girl just wasn’t feeling it!

You’ll NEVER guess what the crew had to do in order to talk their A-list star into showing her full C’s!!

That’s right, they had to get nekkid too!

LiLo refused to take her top off until the entire cast and crew stripped down to their skivvies!

Even the guy running the craft services table?? Gross!

We think it’s HIGHlarious that the one time Lindsay doesn’t feel like showing skin is the first time it’s actually necessary!


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