Justin Bieber: Truth Behind Shocking Pic Of Him Kissing Another Man



A recently surfaced pic of what appears to be Justin kissing another guy has Beliebers totally up in arms, but they may not need to worry after all.

Justin Bieber has been called many things — immature, irresponsible, a deviant— but he certainly isn’t often accused of being gay. That changed when a photograph allegedly of the pop star kissing another man surfaced online. However, before the photo stirs up any more controversy, there are a few things we can clear up.


Justin Bieber Kisses A Man? The Truth

The picture in question shows one man planting a deep kiss on the lips of a guy who looks like Justin, with his signature shaved haircut, tank top, and backwards snapback hat. But first things first — the guy on the right is actually just a look-alike, a man named Rob Miller who bears a striking resemblance to the “Baby” singer.


Rob posted the picture of himself and his boyfriend kissing in August


So this isn’t even a Photoshop job (which was the Beliebers’ excuse for a damning photo thatwas of Justin) — it just straight up isn’t Justin. In fact, Rob Miller has been debunking rumors since December, when sites and Twitter users began attributing the picture to Justin to try to drum up suspicion surrounding his sexuality.


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