How to Make Married Sex Feel like a One Night Stand


Let’s accept it, being married for several years takes away the passion and fun from sex. The reasons could be many. That’s why couples resort to cheating, random hook ups and other such activities we’d never endorse. But, if you want to save your sex life, use these sex tips that will reignite the romance in the bedroom and make sex as exciting as a one night stan

28 Days of Love! Get ready for all things love and romance, as we bring you our steamiest Valentine’s Day Special ever this February. From sexy lingerie to tease your man to awesome date ideas, and irresistible love food to gifts that say it all, here’s your ultimate guide to a loved-up Valentine’s. P.S. You don’t wanna miss our sex series for anything!


Go clubbing: Sex after marriage gets boring because it is easily accessible. To keep the passion alive, forcefully restrict yourselves from having sex whenever you feel like it. Go out clubbing with your partner and hit the dance floor. All the grinding and booze will arouse you two but restrict you two from doing it. Continue cuddling and touching each other, by the end of the night you will not be able to wait to undress each other.

Role play: Role playing is one of the sexiest things you can do to make your sex session feel wild and fresh. Ask your lover what kind of costume would turn him on and wear it to bed to arouse him. You could start off with something small like Venetian or masquerade masks and move on to proper costumes.

Take a vacation separately: When you two spend too much time together, you tend to take each other for granted. Taking separate vacations will help you understand your own sexuality. This will also give your husband a chance to miss you and you’ll be excited to hold him in your arms. Also, all the attention you grab while on vacation will make you feel sexy and confident about yourself.

Explore sex: Even good things like sex can become boring if they turn into routine. To keep the magic alive, you have to find different ways to make your sex life interesting. Don’t be afraid to bring a twist into the bedroom by trying a new position or an unfamiliar move.

Go out on a date: Go on a romantic date with your husband. But try not to go out together or ask him to pick you. Meet each other directly at a club, bar or concert. It will remind you of the good old days! And if you want to make things naughty, pretend to be strangers. Give yourselves fake names and make up stories about your own lives. Indulge in a sexual conversation with this beautiful stranger. 😉

Book a hotel room: If you were to hook up with a stranger, where would you take them? To a place that allows you privacy and no speculations, right? Hotel rooms are the perfect answer to ignite the passion. Book a hotel room to spend an afternoon or night with your beau.

Explore your house: If you’re married with children, sex is usually restricted to only your bedroom. The next time your kids are away, have sex in the kitchen, bathroom, on the couch or any place you fancy. Making love in a different surrounding can make your session a lot sexier

Take a sex vacation: If you’ve been married for a while and your sex life is stuck in a rut, it’s time to take a vacation dedicated to sex. It will remind you of your honeymoon where you two couldn’t keep your hands off each other. The perfect way to reignite the fire.

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