Harry Styles: Why He Decided To Break Up With Kendall Jenner

“It was only a matter of time,” the source told us in response to the report that Harry and Kendall had split. “When they hung out with each other they were just being young and having a good time.”

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Which makes sense, especially when you consider that Harry has a huge commitment coming up, as One Direction‘s stadium tour begins on Apr. 25 and runs until early October. “They both knew it had an expiration date with their schedules so they didn’t fall hard into something more serious,” the source adds.

That being said, one of them is coming away from the relationship a little more heartbroken than the other. “MostlyHarry wasn’t ever in it for the long haul,” says the insider. “Kendall had a gleam of hope but she wasn’t his dream girl and his schedule was his out, he could have let it continue but it was his decision to move on.”

Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner: Could They Get Back Together?

But Harry certainly seemed to be enjoying himself with Kendall — PDA at Eagles’ concerts, romantic trysts in New York and London hotels — which makes us ask, is there a chance that they could reunite when their schedules die down?

“The way they left it opens things up for future hookups,” the source concludes. “So it’s over for now but we’ll see what happens after the tour.”


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