The Walking Dead Watch: ‘Claimed’


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, the 11th out of 16 this season, is the 46th since the series began on Halloween 2010. Assuming a rather conservative estimate of two dozen zombie kills per episode (In some there have been hundreds, but there were a few episodes during the “Sofia watch” where there were only one or two), we’ve seen characters large and small, important and trivial, kill more than 1,100 walkers. They’ve used weapons, sharp objects, sides of cars and the heels of their boots. What we haven’t seen until last night was someone who killed zombies then said, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” 

Those words came from a new character, Sergeant Abraham Ford, who we first met last week sporting an impressive Fu Manchu, an array of weapons and the swagger of a former military man. On first sight, I wrote that Ford looked…

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