The 7 Most Ridiculous Purchases Ever Made By Premier League Footballers

Footballers often get bad press for frittering their money away on things that are little more than pointless and ostentatious displays of wealth. That being said, for a group of people who earn more in a week than most might earn in a decade, a little bit of lavish spending has to be expected. 


Here’s a look at the seven most ridiculous purchases ever made by Premier League footballers

7. Djibril Cisse’s Lordship

In May 2005, Liverpool striker Djirbil Cissé bought himself the title of ‘Lord of the Manor of Frodsham’. The French international’s new title came with the purchase of a £2m mansion in Cheshire and allowed him to refer to himself as ‘Lord Cissé’ in any correspondence.


The title, which has been held by various families over the centuries, allegedly dates back to 1086 and was recorded in the Domesday Book – the nationwide survey ordered by William the Conqueror.

6. William Gallas’ Chrome Car


While at Arsenal, William Gallas thought it would be a good idea to splash out a whopping £350,000 on a chrome plated Mercedes SLR McLaren. Apart from the fact that it stood out from a mile away, the shiny finish also looked like it would be a reflective hazard on a sunny day.


The Mercedes had a top speed of 207mph and could accelerate from 0-60mph in less than four seconds. Given such statistics, it is little wonder that ‘famous footballer writes off sports car’ seems to be a common story.


5. David Beckham’s Thrones


When David Beckham married Victoria Adams in 1999, the couple sat before their guests at the reception on matching red and gold thrones. In a further regal twist after their wedding, Posh and Becks proceeded to hire former Royal Household staff to keep their home in order.


In late 2013, when the family sold their famous ‘Beckingham Palace’ home in favour of a smaller London town house, the famous gold thrones were part of a long list of beloved Beckham items earmarked for a charity auction.


1. Stephen Ireland’s … Everything


When it comes to ridiculous purchases, Stephen Ireland leads the way. The former Manchester City academy graduate has built himself a fine reputation for buying things no normal person could ever need. In the past, he has been seen driving a white Range Rover with garish pink trim, a customised Audi R8 in Manchester City colours and spent £260,000 on a custom Bentley for his WAG.


His excess doesn’t stop at cars either and his £5m mansion is full of unnecessary lavishness. Ireland, whose home wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of ‘Footballers’ Wives’, even has a pool table with his name emblazoned on it and various aquariums dotted around his digs. Sadly, rumours about the player wanting a shark tank under his kitchen floor turned out to be false.


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